Embark on an average every day journey to school in this top down pixel art rpg adventure!

An explorative piece about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation :)

Contact us at: ourweelittlestudio@gmail.com for any enquiries!

Install instructions

Extract the zip and launch Wayward.exe


Wayward.zip 30 MB


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Very cute and good game! Wish it could've been longer.


Could be longer

Game is very good

My Game is Knight

in my profile

okay but i like the art and music a LOT


It's a really cute game, and I love the art, music and message! Really fun to pass the time with! There is one little bug though, if you let the wind carry you off the map far enough, you can walk around on the water, and if you try to get back on the dock/wood, it will teleport you back to the water. It doesn't really affect trying to play the game seriously though, just thought I'd mention it!


Thanks, we are glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, thanks for mentioning that bug, it is something we identified and fixed and will look to push with a small update


Granny: "I need help":

me: "Nope!"

Lol.. Nice game, guys